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National Rural Network


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ENRD Newsletter May 2017




The spring 2017 edition of the ENRD networking magazine ‘Rural Connections’ is now available on the ENRD website. This edition includes perspectives on LEADER/CLLD, forestry, integrated approaches to rural policy and the new European Solidarity Corps, as well as short updates from the Slovenian and Slovakian networks.

The edition’s thematic section brings ‘A focus on… social inclusion’, including an overview of social inclusion challenges in rural Europe, highlights of ENRD thematic work, consideration of what LEADER/CLLD can do to foster inclusion, as well as interviews and reports.

You can subscribe to receive free paper copies of future editions in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish: subscribe@enrd.eu.

Join the ENRD Seminar 'Opportunities and future perspectives for Resource Efficiency in Rural Areas' on 13 June 2017 in Brussels – register to attend before 2 June!

The event will discuss practical opportunities for promoting Resource Efficiency through the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs). It is intended for anyone involved in RDP implementation at the European, national, regional and local levels.

The recent public consultation on ‘modernising and simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)’ received more than 320 000 responses.

The outcome of the consultation will be communicated at a Conference on 7 July 2017, which will bring together a broad range of stakeholders. This will form one of the elements to be taken into account in the forthcoming Commission Communication on the future of the CAP (due in October 2017).

A joint event organised by Birdlife Europe and the European Environment Bureau (EEB) on 11 May 2017 saw discussion, ideas and recommendations for the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with invited policy-makers, researchers and other civil society groups.

Researchers presented an independent ‘CAP fitness check’ and many participants called for CAP reforms placing food quality and public and environmental health at the heart of the objectives.

Read both the event press release and the opening speech made by Commissioner Phil Hogan, which reminded participants about the aim of the recent public consultation – to help develop “a pathway towards a CAP truly fit for the 21st Century”.

The 7th meeting of the Rural Networks’ Steering Group (17 May 2017 – Brussels, Belgium) discussed and made proposals for the upcoming capacity-building activities and thematic work of the ENRD Contact Point.

SG members also heard updates of the future work of the Evaluation Helpdesk and EIP-AGRI Support Unit, as well as of the state of play of the Cork 2.0 Action Plan and EU Action for Smart Villages. Finally, the SG considered the initial outcomes of the European Rural Networks’ self-assessment and made proposals to prepare for the next Assembly meeting (14 December 2017).

Young farmers are encouraged to help identify the main needs and issues affecting their ability to build a sustainable agricultural sector – by filling in CEJA’s short EU-wide survey.

CEJA is the European Council of Young Farmers. The survey is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

Are you involved in a project providing access to high-speed broadband internet? Apply for the European Broadband Awards by 7 September 2017!

All types of projects, irrespective of their size, location and technologies used, led by public or private organisations, are eligible to apply. For the first time this year, projects will also be awarded in the category ‘territorial cohesion in rural and remote areas’ – see all award categories here.

The winning projects will be recognised at an award ceremony (20 November 2017), showcased at the Broadband Day (21 November 2017) in Brussels and in the good practice database of Broadband Europe.

The ENRD Thematic Group (TG) on Rural Businesses met for its final meeting on 18-19 May 2017 in  Helsinki, Finland to discuss the final outputs from the TG work, including case studies, RDP analysis, and the upcoming dedicated edition of the EU Rural Review.

TG members also heard about the Finnish ‘Smart Countryside’ initiative and visited two inspiring local businesses: ‘Robbes Little Garden’, an innovative greenhouse using a vertical growing system; and the ‘Knehtilä Farm’, known for its environmentally friendly and nutrient-efficient farming.        

A new publication by EUROMONTANA explores “Innovation and Circular Economy in the Mountain Forest Supply Chain” and presents a set of 12 good practice examples on the topic.

The study overviews the concept of the ‘circular economy’ and its potential application in the mountain forest supply chain, and brings it to life through concrete examples from across Europe. The study builds on a previous EUROMONTANA workshop by the same name.

Gain recognition for your cooperative solution in the agri-food chain and share your innovative practice across Europe – apply for the European Award for Cooperative Innovation by 23 June 2017.

The award is organised by Cogeca, the association of agri-cooperatives in the EU, and covers the following categories: ‘food processes’, ‘business model innovation’, ‘governance’ and ‘ICTs & digitalisation’.

A recent briefing by the European Parliament’s Think Tank examines the main drivers of poverty and social exclusion in Europe’s rural areas, and overviews the EU policies and instruments that are best suited to tackle these challenges.

The brief highlights the contribution of Rural Development policy, including through LEADER/CLLD and rural networks, to alleviating poverty by targeting funds at job creation, access to education, services, and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).

An updated brochure on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) overviews and explains its main features and functioning to a broad audience.

The brochure is part of a series, produced by the European Commission, aimed at informing on EU policies ranging from human rights to transport and trade.

 See more information on the ENRD web pagehttp://ksow.pl/?id=




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