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ENRD Newsletter October 2016



Several rural networks have had a focus on LEADER transnational cooperation (TNC) in recent weeks. Highlights include a LEADER TNC Fair in Estonia, the LINC 2016 event in Hungary and a new Practitioner-led Working Group supported by the ENRD Contact Point. 

Both events saw discussions on the planning and implementation of TNC in 2014-2020. Key requests were for more harmonised rules, simplified procedures, and better communication around guidelines and potential project partners. Both events also saw exchange on specific TNC project ideas and partner search opportunities for Local Action Groups (LAGs) from different Member States.

The new Practitioner-led Working Group supported by the Contact Point aims to address these issues directly. It will work to identify practical possibilities for harmonisation of TNC rules and procedures and build the capacities of relevant actors. For more information, contact peter.toth@enrd.eu.

Browse the Projects Database now available on the ENRD website and discover inspirational rural development practice from across Europe! 

The new database contains projects funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). These are searchable by Member State, thematic keywords and free text.

The database of projects aims both to encourage the transfer of approaches that have been shown to work and to inspire even better ideas. Do you have an example of a good EAFRD project that you would like to share with the rest of Europe? Contact us at info@enrd.eu.

Find key information on the structure and functioning of the National Rural Networks (NRNs) from the newly uploaded NRN profiles on the ENRD website. 

The profiles include sections on the main NRN objectives, membership, governance, budget, and communication and self-assessment activities. Currently, 16 NRN profiles are available on the website and more will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

The ENRD Contact Point kicked off work on the topic of ‘Smart and Competitive Rural Businesses’ with a first meeting of a dedicated Thematic Group (TG) on 13 October 2016.

The meeting agreed the scope and future outputs of the TG, identifying three interconnected sub-themes to focus on:

'Wild ideas' and new trends for rural businesses;

Smart business support;

Digitisation & ICT as tools for rural businesses.

The TG is currently composed of 23 representatives of various stakeholder groups, including local organisations, National Rural Network Support Units (NSUs), Managing Authorities (MAs) and DG AGRI.


See more information on the ENRD web page

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