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ENRD Newsletter November 2016



The ENRD Contact Point is working to improve the implementation of LEADER transnational cooperation (TNC) in the 2014-2020 period by producing dedicated factsheets and supporting a Practitioner-led Working Group.

The factsheets overview national and regional rules and procedures on LEADER/CLLD Cooperation. Specifically, they include information on each Rural Development Programme in terms of: project selection processes; budget allocation; and eligibility of beneficiaries, actions and costs. The factsheets will be continuously uploaded on the ENRD website as they become available.

The Practitioner-led Working Group will work to identify possibilities for harmonisation of rules and procedures, as well as to build the capacities of Local Action Groups (LAGs), Managing Authorities (MAs) and Paying Agencies (PAs). It kicked off its activities in August 2016 and is expected to produce a first set of proposals in February 2017. For more information, contact leader-clld@enrd.eu.

The 6th meeting of the Rural Networks’ Steering Group (SG) looked at network activities to consider how they can best follow up and build on the outcomes of the Cork 2.0 Conference and Declaration. 

Participants discussed the content of the Declaration and how to take its detailed policy orientations forward both through their own activities and through the European Rural Networks. A detailed report from the meeting will follow shortly.

See a Special Edition ENRD Newsletter providing a highlights summary of the Cork 2.0 Conference and Declaration.


The 6th NRNs’ Meeting brought together representatives from 19 Network Support Units (NSUs) in Senec, Slovakia on 8-9 November 2016. Participants discussed ways to improve the two-way exchange of knowledge and information between the national and European levels, and how national and regional networks can best link with stakeholders on the ground.

The event saw an exchange on the latest thinking around the structure and role of the NRNs, how innovation is fostered within and between EU Member States and ways to actively follow up on the Cork 2.0 Declaration.

The ENRD Contact Point kicked off work on the topic of ‘Resource Efficiency’ with a first meeting of a dedicated Thematic Group (TG) on 26 October 2016.

The TG, comprising representatives of various stakeholder groups, agreed the scope and future outputs of its work, identifying three sub-themes to focus on:

  •  Water use efficiency;
  •  Soil and nutrient management;
  •  Soil conservation and carbon sequestration.

In addition, the TG will address cross-cutting issues such as: communicating the benefits of resource-efficient approaches; knowledge transfer; digitalisation; improving links within and between administrations.

For more information, contact: green-economy@enrd.eu.

A new online tool developed by the Danish Managing Authority (MA) facilitates the work of all CLLD actors throughout the process of supporting projects.

The tool is specifically tailored to the bottom-up CLLD method and is intended to assist Local Action Groups (LAGs) and fisheries LAGs (FLAGs) in project selection, monitoring and reporting, as well as project applicants and beneficiaries, and the MA itself. The tool could usefully be transferred to other countries and regions.

Read more about this good practice example in English, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Swedish.

See more information on the ENRD web page

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